Bitrix24 : Human resources management system

Bitrix24 as a HRMS

You can use Bitrix24 as a free human resources management system (HRMS) for your company. All the core HRMS features – from an employee directory and a self-service portal, to leave management and work reports are there, all wrapped into a social interface that your employees and HR department will love to use.



People around you

In Bitrix24, people are the center of attention. In the employee directory, you can easily find contact information or filter the list to find the right person for your inquiry. Clicking on an employee in the list navigates to the employee’s profile page. All public information about the employee is visible and there are options to initiate an instant message or leave a comment in the person’s blog or photo gallery.

Aside from being a popular and convenient tool inside the system, the employee directory enables you to export to Excel and synchronize with Outlook and CardDAV. Synchronize your contact list with your iPhone, iPad, or Android device and you will always have the current contact information at your fingertips!

Company structure

The company’s structure represents the organization’s hierarchy with departments and sub-departments. You can open up a specific department and determine which employee is the most relevant to the issue at hand. Subordination in the structure influences many intranet functions: to whom reports are sent, who can delegate tasks to whom, etc. Departments head can see all of their subordinates tasks.


Employee engagement

Do you want a more engaged and proactive workforce? From self-organizing workgroups to appreciation badges and Company Pulse, there are a number of employee engagement tools that come with your compan’y portal.

When your employees log into Bitrix24 for the first time, they will instantly recognize the activity stream and social intranet interface that is very much like what they have grown accustomed to when using Facebook, LinkedIn or any other social networks.

Time management

The time management system enforces discipline in the work schedule without creating a high pressure atmosphere. Clocking in, clocking out, and breaks are transparently recorded, and a convenient planner and daily report keeps all tasks organized and prioritized.

The information entered into this gadget is saved and used as the basis of the work report for each employee.


Work reports

How often do your employees make reports? You can easily set up reporting on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Bitrix24 will remind the employees to send reports, and the contents of daily planner are helpfully included and can be edited before sending the final report. Plans for the next reporting period can also be submitted on this form.

The work report is evaluated by a supervisor and commentaries can be added. All work reports for a given employee, department, or the whole company can be viewed with their evaluations and efficiency ratings.

Workflow automation

HR documents and forms are available in a single location, preventing unnecessary trips to HR or to the accounting department. Business processes in Bitrix24 lets you automate workflows, such as Leave Approvals, Business Trips, General Requests (Internal Helpdesk), Purchase Requests and Expense Reports.

Those are included in the Activity Stream, do not require setup, and are available free of charge. You can modify them, or create custom workflows from scratch using visual Business Process Designer. Workflows developed by Bitrix24 partners can also be installed from the Marketplace.


Access permissions

Employees will only see the information which they are authorized to see. Permissions can be granted to the company’s departments, workgroups, individual users, or to users assigned to pre-defined roles (moderators, group owners, observers, lead persons, etc.).

Bitrix 24 lets you show or hide workgroups, documents, CRM contacts, and virtually any other item in the system. Permissions also applies on search results; that is, search results for which a given user has not been authorized will not show up in the search suggestions or results.

Collaboration on the extranet

Bitrix24 promotes collaborative work not only with coworkers, but also with external users – partners, clients, contractors, etc. Inviting external users is as easy as inviting them to a workgroup, and after they have joined, those third party users are visible in a separate list, so that you can always be aware of who is working on the Extranet.