Our software Seatfinder helps public and private companies best manage their offices, places, and seats in a building, conference room or banquet halls.


Create offices and manage places for employees or guests (To access window where events can be added)

  • Create offices and assign places to people (To access window where seats can be added to the system)
  • Display lists (To access information displayed as lists)
  • General configuration (To access the configuration. To choose the printer, etc.)

Integration of your calendars via mobile lets the road-warriors share changes in their schedule from iPhone, iPad or Android.



With your file listing participants, Seatfinder provides an interface that allows you to:

  • Find an office, a seat or a table by name, a group or a company
  • Assign offices, seats and tables to people
  • Generate seats, tables or an attendance list
  • Create Offices / Seats and table/seat numbers
  • Automatically generate reports on place management

NB: The Seatfinder software can be used on tablet, PC and desktop. It automatically imports your database (Excel, Word, Access, etc.) on the eve of your event to make it easy to use in the search interface.

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