Effortlessly conduct surveys, polls and voting with Votepad.

This application (compatible with iPad and Android tablets) helps you manage different types of surveys, polls or voting:
  • Create surveys
  • Compile results and synchronise data between devices in real time
  • Display statistical results
  • Process the information collected
  • Cross reference data for in-depth analysis
  • Provide quantitative results with accompanying graphics

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With Votepad, you can:

  • Programme evaluation: health, education, governance, etc.
  • Opinion polls
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Social surveys
  • Evaluation questionnaires
  • Voting at company general meetings

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Votepad – a handy tool to conduct polls, satisfaction surveys, voting and market research

Public Services
Non-governmental organisations
Marketing and market research firms

Five good reasons to use Votepad

Real time advantage

Responses to your questionnaires, polls or forms are collected in real time and can be instantly viewed at the click of a button.

Frame questions in different ways

Votepad offers you a wide choice when it comes to types of questions: single or multiple choice, pictures, text, ratings, graphic buttons (I like, I love, I dislike etc.)

API integration

Votepad can directly convey information collected to other applications and software thus allowing you to share important information with colleagues in the company or organisation.

SaaS and desktop versions

Votepad can be accessed online (SaaS) or installed on your tablet. The SaaS version allows you to conduct surveys from any web based interface and synchronises results from all tablets in real time. The desktop version does not need an internet connection, but results cannot be synchronised in real time.

Adaptative design

Votepad adjusts itself to fit the size and resolution of your screen, whether it be mobiles, tablets or desktop computers. The tablet version is ideal for pollsters working in the field whereas the desktop version would be better for statistical analyses.

How does Votepad work?

1. Create a questionnaire

Votepad is designed to make life easier for both pollsters and respondents. It features a sleek, easy to use display interface for tablets, cell phones and other devices.

2. Start the poll / survey / voting

Pollsters with tablets can start the poll, survey or voting by asking participants to reply to the questions directly on the tablet. You can conduct the survey face-to-face, by telephone or online on the internet.

3. Analyse results

During the survey, results are displayed on the dashboard in real time. Once the survey is completed, you can analyse and interpret the results using statistics (totals, percentages and so on).