ABOUT YULCOM Technologies

YULCOM Technologies Inc. is a global information technology consulting company headquartered in Montreal, Canada. YULCOM Technologies develops software and software packages, web and mobile applications as well as digital communication tools. Since 2009,  YULCOM serves hundreds of national and international full-service accounts in North America, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

The economic environment is such that the world of information technology is ever-changing and, as a consequence, technologies are constantly evolving. Companies and governments must become more efficient and integrate new practices and new ways of doing things into their daily routines. YULCOM Technologies supports companies and governments by helping them integrate the best IT in their work and improve their process management.


YULCOM Technologies has developed a structured approach to help transform your organization, based on global best practices such as ITIL, Lean and Green IT.

Our approach brings out your real needs. In a very collaborative way, we help you to implement new processes in your organization. Our goal is to improve your performance, optimize your resources and the commitment of your staff by providing it with the required training. Our approach enables your organization to achieve the desired performance and align your processes with your strategic objectives.