Web and Mobile Applications

Nowadays, the use of tablets and mobile phones as a tool of work and entertainment is trendy. Thanks to the high-speed Internet, workspaces became mobile. From now on we work and we amuse in the car, in the subway, in the bus, in the camping, in the parks, etc. To have an application for your company is thus an opportunity to reach thousands of customers and additional users.

We can help you with your mobile application project. We develop mobile app for:

  • E-commerce applications
  • Entertainment applications (audio, video, photos, etc.)
  • Directory applications (catalogs, locations, contacts, etc.)
  • Events applications (Trade show, festival, etc.)
  • Media applications (Radio, TV, Newspaper)

Website with responsive designs

Whether it’s for a simple web display or a full-fledged corporate website, a portfolio or a catalog, the portal (public or private institutions, banks, organization, municipality, etc.) and for solutions tailored to your personality and your needs.

Websites adapted for phones and tablets of all sizes that allow your company to promote itself and keep contact with Internet users anywhere in the world.